forest industry

Metsäteollisuus ry:n EU-asioista vastaava johtaja Kaisu Karvala katsoo kohti kameraa.

On the road to sustainability

“Strategies have previously been developed for the bioeconomy, but traditionally the bioeconomy has remained in a secondary role in EU projects or has only been

Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillisen yliopiston dekaani Mari Kallioinen-Mänttäri katsoo kohti kameraa.

Diving deeper into side streams

Mari Kallioinen-Mänttäri, Dean of the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, points out that the forest is a scarce resource, but almost unimaginably abundant in its

Teknologiateollisuus ry:n toimitusjohtaja Jaakko Hirvola katsoo kohti kameraa.

Crisis resilience is here to stay

The CEO of Technology Industries of Finland, Jaakko Hirvola, takes a positive view, even though demand in the technology industry is diminishing and the number

Kaisu Karvala, Metsäteollisuus ry:n EU-asioista vastaava johtaja, katsoo kohti kameraa.

A stronger voice in Brussels 

“Forest policy is clearly seen as part of climate and environmental policies: forest strategy, biodiversity, forest regulation, taxonomy and so on. The EU is continuously