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Teknologiateollisuus ry:n toimitusjohtaja Jaakko Hirvola katsoo kohti kameraa.

Crisis resilience is here to stay

The CEO of Technology Industries of Finland, Jaakko Hirvola, takes a positive view, even though demand in the technology industry is diminishing and the number

Kaisu Karvala, Metsäteollisuus ry:n EU-asioista vastaava johtaja, katsoo kohti kameraa.

A stronger voice in Brussels 

“Forest policy is clearly seen as part of climate and environmental policies: forest strategy, biodiversity, forest regulation, taxonomy and so on. The EU is continuously

The well-being of forests guarantees a bright future

In March, the Finnish forest industry published renewed responsibility commitments, valid until 2025. The objective is to promote forest management, sustainable production and the circular economy, as well as social well-being.

A future in the forest industry

“Meaningful and diverse work with bio-based products, fuels or biomass. If that would also include a chance for international tasks, it’d be my dream job,” says student Minna Ukkonen, summing up her career hopes.