Heavy machinery for paper making.

Fourdrinier technology taken to the next level

The constantly evolving system solution gives papermakers full control over dewatering and stock activity. It produces consistent and reproducible results, providing a significant benefit particularly for paper machines with a large product range. Now the next revolutionary steps follow.

IBS states that FlexLINE forming board at the beginning of the wire section allows its position to be changed in relation to the headbox – and therefore the jet impingement point – at the push of a button while the machine is still running. The DCS connection also means it can be fully automated, which is particularly beneficial if frequent grade changes are made. 

According to IBS FlexLINE ensures best paper profiles and quality for different machine conditions. In addition to dewatering elements, the vacuum system has a decisive influence on the entire dewatering and sheet forming process. EVA and EPB Plus vacuum control systems in combination with the Online-PDC moisture sensor, they now also give operators the opportunity to implement fully automatic vacuum control based on the dry content. This control, e.g., in the ply bonding area, can improve gap strength and keep it constant across the entire product range. Other typical installation positions are before and after the top formers or before the suction couch roll. In this case, 3D scanning technology can significantly reduce lead times and risks in rebuild projects. Millimeter-precise 3D drawings of existing plants can be created in a matter of days. The high-precision 3D drawings then provide the perfect basis for downstream engineering, allowing components to be prefabricated and therefore reducing the risk from work carried out on the machine during downtime. 

Camera based solutions offer new possibilities

IBS company Papertech Ltd. recently introduced TotalVision™ product family and offers the potential to significantly influence the process of paper-making and further increase both paper quality and machine runnability. The patented solutions let papermakers e.g., monitor stock activity, formation, the wet line and the jet impingement point at the forming table using cameras. Self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence will also have a key role to play in future web inspection applications.

The new steam box for Fourdrinier performance

IBS says that SUPER STEAM VAC® can be installed in addition to different multi-chamber suction systems in high vacuum. For the first time, a high-end dewatering element is combined with patented steam box technology in one optimized system, significantly enhancing high-vacuum zones in Fourdrinier machines and the entire downstream process. Quality improvements and in some cases significant production increases guarantee a quick ROI.

Text Leif Lindberg