Smooth surfaces

According to Toni Kuparinen, founder and managing director of PintaWorks, the company aims to be not only the best inspector of surface smoothness, but an operator that oversees the entire chain.

“Our extremely accurate camera system allows for verifying the printability of a print material from a very early phase. We make systems for both paperboard and coating machines, as well as for printing machines. It is essential to be involved at every stage of a process, because you can have an effect on the success of the end result at every stage of the process,” says Kuparinen, whose doctoral dissertation on the fast and accurate measurement and analysis of surface variation was examined in the Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2008. Following his career in research, Kuparinen wanted to put the subject of his investigations into practical use.

“Our strength is an understanding of every stage of the process,” says Kuparinen. “We perform a trial run at each stage, because even the tiniest flaw on the surface can ruin the end result. The entire chain needs to function for the end result to be smooth. We have observed print quality as far down the line as the printing machine. Real-time monitoring of printability reduces complaint costs and ensures the retention of high quality, and thereby also customer satisfaction.”

PintaWorks’ core markets relate first and foremost to the printability of food and liquid packaging boards.

“But we’re not focused on the delivery of measurement devices alone. We also provide our customers with other services so that we can ensure that every aspect of the multi-staged process in which board is coated for printability is in order. We also function as an engineering office involved in product development, for example. This brings steady security to the cash flow of a young company.”

The operations of the measuring systems have been honed up to a point in which the measuring system is, according to Kuparinen, “ready and in perfect shape”.

“Naturally, you need to remain alert all the time. Different materials behave differently in the coating process. There are also many kinds of boards intended to come into contact with food. Most of our work has focused on liquid packaging board, of which there are also several types. Different types of raw material are used for different end results. Juice boxes and cartons and coffee cups have their own materials. In addition to materials, the coating process includes several different stages that can be influenced.

PintaWorks wants to develop its operations continuously to be able to provide its customers with the best and latest know-how.

Text: Tuija Holttinen
Images: PintaWorks