Metsäteollisuus ry:n EU-asioista vastaava johtaja Kaisu Karvala katsoo kohti kameraa.

On the road to sustainability

“Strategies have previously been developed for the bioeconomy, but traditionally the bioeconomy has remained in a secondary role in EU projects or has only been

Suomen startup-yhteisön pääekonimisto Youssef Zad katsoo kohti kameraa.

We live in a difficult funding time

Bioeconomy startups have the potential to solve the major challenges of our time, but the operations require a lot of funding.  What does it look

A bioeconomy mythbuster

An unprecedented jam of EU regulations and Brexit are producing question marks, but CEPI’s Deputy Director General Jori Ringman still believes the bioeconomy to hold more promises than threats.