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Bioeconomy at a crossroads

While the new applications of energy production are evolving, the current level of innovation and product development are not sufficient for breaking away from oil.

Specialising in lignin

Lignin, with its diverse applications, has become one of the most important products of Sunila’s traditional pulp mill.

The clock is ticking for the circular economy

Finnish enterprises need to share experiences and welcome incentives and common rules to convert theory and potential into profitable business activities. The circular economy is

World Cup

Plastic waste is world-class problem, but plastic-free packaging board products may be part of the solution.

Biofuel from Äänekoski

EcoEnergy SF biogas plant is under construction in Äänekoski in central Finland next to Metsä Group bioproduct mill. Its production is based on the processing

Zero-plastic drinking cups from Kotka

The Kotkamills board machine producing non-plastic barrier board is the first of its kind in the world. Kotkamills Oy, a leading paper and board producer,

The well-being of forests guarantees a bright future

In March, the Finnish forest industry published renewed responsibility commitments, valid until 2025. The objective is to promote forest management, sustainable production and the circular economy, as well as social well-being.