Muoto packaging products

More added value for wood  

Metsä Spring’s CEO Niklas von Weymarn emphasises that when considering new businesses, three criteria must be met.   “The first is that we need to able

Reactive lignin replaces phenol

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a technology that allows the production of reactive lignin from pulp mills’ side streams. Reactive lignin can replace the toxic substances in wood adhesives, for example.

Specialising in lignin

Lignin, with its diverse applications, has become one of the most important products of Sunila’s traditional pulp mill.

Lignin is a suitable concrete plasticiser

Lignin is converted into a workable format using an oxygen oxidation developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The technology is demonstrated in an EU project.

A future in the forest industry

“Meaningful and diverse work with bio-based products, fuels or biomass. If that would also include a chance for international tasks, it’d be my dream job,” says student Minna Ukkonen, summing up her career hopes.